Peace * Trust * Friendship : Two Row Wampum
Siem'Stum : Respect v. The Illegitimate Child

Ice shall Thaw * Truth shall nourish Wisdom * Original Indigenous Peoples shall regain Stewardship
The Records of History Reveal That The First Peoples Of Turtle Island To Come Down From The Sky Do Sustain Rightful And Lawful First Claim To Lands And Resources; And, Shall Attain International Vindication Forthwith As This New Governance Of All Peoples Assembles In Uniform Strength Of Good Purpose
Life began as a sweet breath between two innocents; and, from this mutual conspiracy arose the child called Truth.

It is self-evident that "God" is an evolving Creator; just as this nation "Canada" is rising like a Phoenix. And, through this forthcoming we experience pain of such significance that we are frequently of want to cease taking our next breath.

But, within this extreme and desperate moment we are filled with inspiration and thankfulness ... for it is within this glorious moment that we find that Truth is our constant companion; and, will take upon our hand in good friendship - offering a trusting glance that settles within us as a Peace should.

The Thaw of The Ice Child In The Garden Of Healing

There is a fundamental Truth lingering within this Original Peoples Nation; one that is tainted with ignorance as based upon the hierarchical hunger nourished by deceit.

This cold knife of deceit originates through the fundamental ignorance of a corporate body named the Catholic Church; with a Leader who managed a relentless membership drive campaign through terrorism and genocide and, in this Turtle Island ... upon the bodies of Original children. This was not the fabric of the good Child who came upon this Earth to share the wisdom of Peace and Good Will upon all mankind.

And, so it came that through this corporate Vatican Mission there were two Papal Bulls Inter Caetera and Romanus Pontifex in the 1400s that declared non-Christians to be non-human. These legacies of such putride ignorance prevail today in this Canada - where Reverse Onus plays out through a continuous Elizabeth the Monarch campaign that governs with an intent to deprive Original Indigenous Peoples of rightful lands and resources stewardship.

Today, there is arising a common relationship beyond this settlement campaign; and, this new conspiracy is forming through technologies that provide a wider journalistic and private commentatorship that is surviving governance censorship ... And, through this modern era freedom evolution is the witnessing of the Idle No More and Occupy.

The illegitimate corporation Hudson's Bay Company was exposed in 1697; with a subsequent parliamentary disqualification; accompanied by a null and void declaration of the Rupert's Land Grant. Such public records have been available since circa 1840; and, remain available for referencing at : Internet Archives : in particular, see Fitzgerald, Gale; and, International Finance Committee. Also, it is wise to consider the information arising from scholarly studies regarding the breach of the Coronation Oath as regards respect, in justice and mercy, customs and traditions of all the Peoples.

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